Dear Friends,

As we planned for 2020, a global pandemic was not on the list of challenges we considered. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well; if you or your family have been ill or otherwise negatively impacted by COVID-19, we wish you good health and better days ahead.

Under normal circumstances, pancreatic cancer is difficult and complex. From the initial diagnosis to the arduous treatment protocols and even Lustgarten-funded research studies, everything related to pancreatic cancer was hampered by and made even more difficult when the coronavirus exploded in early 2020. Yet, we persisted. We marvel at the strength and resilience of the pancreatic cancer community, which has only bolstered our resolve to search out, fund and accelerate innovative, collaborative and groundbreaking research to save lives.

We are acutely aware pancreatic cancer won’t stop for a global pandemic. Every day, approximately 170 Americans are diagnosed with this devastating disease. So, we pushed forward. Andrew Lustgarten was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors to continue his father, Marc Lustgarten’s legacy, in January. Andrew has served on the Board since 2001 and succeeds Dr. Robert F. Vizza, who retired in 2020. Dr. Vizza, the Lustgarten Foundation’s first President and CEO and later Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, was the driving force behind our success and will remain as Chairman Emeritus.

Hope is the essence of Lustgarten Foundation research, which continues to advance with groundbreaking discoveries despite the unprecedented constraints and obstacles presented throughout the year. As you read this report, please note our new clinical trials, new collaborations and new developments in early detection and treatments that will improve patient outcomes. We look forward to sharing our continued research progress with you throughout 2021. Cheers to you, our Lustgarten Foundation family, to hope and to a brighter 2021!

With gratitude,
Andrew Lustgarten
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Lustgarten Foundation;
President and CEO, MSG Sports;
President, MSG Entertainment
Linda Tantawi
CEO, Lustgarten Foundation
Kerri Kaplan
President, Lustgarten Foundation