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Thanks to you the Lustgarten Foundation is the linchpin of the pancreatic cancer community. Because of you, we are giving patients more time with their loved ones and more hope than ever before, and we look forward to sharing our research progress with you throughout 2022.

Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer have been possible because of pioneering studies into the underlying genetic, molecular and cellular processes of pancreatic cancer progression, led by the Lustgarten Foundation and powered by you. While 2021 continued to be a uniquely challenging year for us all, we hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well. If you or your family have been ill or otherwise negatively impacted by COVID-19, we wish you good health and brighter days ahead. We are in awe of the strength and determination of the pancreatic cancer community, which is only bolstering our resolve to accelerate collaborative and innovative research to save lives.

Since the Lustgarten Foundation took up the challenge of curing pancreatic cancer in 1998, the five-year survival rate has more than doubled to 11%. Good news? Absolutely! Good enough? Absolutely not! But, through Lustgarten’s early and foundational support, the field’s boldest and most innovative thinkers are transforming our understanding of and approach to the disease. Though remaining relatively rare at only 3% of all cancers, research predicts pancreatic cancer will become the second deadliest cancer in the United States by 2030, second only to lung cancer. Presenting an emerging threat, this data is a stark reminder that much work lies ahead to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients.

The Lustgarten Foundation’s commitment is steadfast, and you are as essential to advancing research as every investigator we fund. Critical breakthroughs would not be possible without Lustgarten’s dedicated community of donors, volunteers, fundraisers and corporate partners. Your investments provide Lustgarten researchers with the sustained support essential for innovation. Your contributions are the foundation of critical, multi-year programs that continue to illuminate this deadly disease and supply concrete insights, data, and progress.

Led by the vision of our impassioned founders and highly motivated Board of Directors, we—and our deep bench of investigators—will continue to forge ahead in the face of ongoing challenges. Challenges the Lustgarten Foundation is uniquely prepared and positioned to meet. Your persistence inspires us daily; your continued commitment to our mission gives us the capacity to transform possibilities into realities and wield the power of research to extend lives.

Your unwavering support has enabled us to invest nearly $225 million in high-risk, high-reward science to launch clinical trials; fund new grant programs; expand existing collaborations, partnerships, and research initiatives; and take steps to honor our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Community is power and we are stronger because of you.

With gratitude,
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Andrew Lustgarten
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Lustgarten Foundation;
President and CEO, MSG Sports;
President, MSG Entertainment
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Linda Tantawi
CEO, Lustgarten Foundation
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Kerri Kaplan
President, Lustgarten Foundation
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