2021 Annual Report
Research is Fundamental

Driven to action by Marc Lustgarten’s devastating diagnosis and lack of treatment options in 1998, the Lustgarten Foundation is turning research progress into solutions in the clinic and providing the potential for more tomorrows for patients diagnosed today.

Lustgarten-funded science has been a driving force in every major advancement in pancreatic cancer research due to the Foundation’s visionary investment in basic, foundational science.

The Lustgarten Foundation funds the world’s preeminent pancreatic cancer researchers, leading the pursuit of bold and innovative science toward earlier detection, better treatments and a curable disease.
225 milliom dollars invested in research $225 million has been invested in research since inception
310 million projects funded 310 research projects funded since 1998, including 26 clinical trials
75 academic instituions Parterships with 75 academic institutions
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Progress is paramount

Pancreatic cancer accounts for just 3% of cancers diagnosed in the United States each year, yet it is on track to become the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths by 2030. To change this trajectory, Lustgarten’s research strategy is focused on the areas of greatest need for patients: earlier detection, new drug development and personalized medicine. To ensure research progress turns into clinical advances, we concentrate on the transition from the bench to the bedside—translating our understanding of the underlying biology of pancreatic cancer into clinical testing opportunities and realities for patients.

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